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Custom Product Requirements

Custom Product Requirements

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This product is offered for custom orders and can accommodate a variety of personalized requests:

  • If you need us to assist with design
  • If you have an existing design file that needs processing
  • If you only require cutting or carving of the material, without coloring or assembly
  • If you need to add specific languages or multiple names
  • Other personalized needs
Please contact us before placing an order for this product.

Pricing and Payment:

  1. First, please contact us via email ( to provide details of your custom order.
  2. Our customer service will provide you with a quote based on the information you've provided. Quotes will be in multiples of 100 Yen.
  3. After confirming the quote, return to this website to place an order for the corresponding number of items.
    • For example, if the quote is 300 Yen, please purchase 3 of this product.

Note: The listed price for this item is 100 Yen, but the actual payment amount will depend on your custom requirements.


Environmentally-friendly multi-layered composite wood board with eco-friendly water-based acrylic paint.

Products designed for outdoor use undergo specialized waterproof and UV-resistant surface treatments to enhance their durability and adaptability.


The substrate thickness is 2-5mm, and for each additional layer, the thickness increases by 1.5-3mm

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