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The Fox's Guardian

The Fox's Guardian

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In a tranquil small village, a young boy named Ito Shota lived with his grandmother. One day, while playing in the forest, he discovered an injured little fox named "Red Leaf". Shota brought her home and took care of her with great tenderness.

As time passed, Shota's bond with Red Leaf grew deeper. However, when Shota's parents came to take him back to the city, they had to part ways. Yet, Red Leaf was a fox spirit with extraordinary powers. She decided to follow Shota to the city and protect him in secret.

In the city, due to people's desires, resentments, and daily stresses, various monsters appeared. These monsters reflected the darkness in adults' hearts, causing troubles covertly. Shota often saw people quarrel over power and money, or lose patience with others because of stress. These negative emotions manifested as monsters of different shapes.

Red Leaf, being a fox spirit, could clearly sense these monsters. She found a place to hide near Shota's house and fought against these monsters whenever they tried to harm Shota. Shota's mother bought a nameplate with a fox picture on it, hoping to bring a touch of the countryside to their urban home. Red Leaf saw the nameplate and thought it was a perfect refuge. She stayed close to Shota and continued to protect him. Every time Shota looked at the nameplate, he thought of the little fox from the countryside and wondered if she was leading a carefree and happy life.


Environmentally-friendly multi-layered composite wood board with eco-friendly water-based acrylic paint.

Products designed for outdoor use undergo specialized waterproof and UV-resistant surface treatments to enhance their durability and adaptability.


The substrate thickness is 2-5mm, and for each additional layer, the thickness increases by 1.5-3mm

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