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“Heart of Charity” Custom Edition

“Heart of Charity” Custom Edition

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To give back to the community and showcase our sense of social responsibility, we are launching the "Heart of Charity" Custom Edition. Tailor the design and text according to your preferences, and let us bring your ideal sign to life.


Please be informed that to ensure our paying customers receive their orders on time, we will prioritize those orders. Charity orders will be produced subsequently.


Moreover, before placing an order, please communicate your requirements with us via Orders placed without prior discussion will be considered invalid.


Our underlying intention is "Love Begets Love". Through this initiative, we hope to make a small contribution, bringing warmth to the world and making it a better place.


Environmentally-friendly multi-layered composite wood board with eco-friendly water-based acrylic paint.

Products designed for outdoor use undergo specialized waterproof and UV-resistant surface treatments to enhance their durability and adaptability.


The substrate thickness is 2-5mm, and for each additional layer, the thickness increases by 1.5-3mm

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