About 0xDNA

0xDNA is a brand owned by SAHO Inc.

We apologize for the somewhat convoluted and perhaps puzzling name of our brand. Though it includes "DNA," we are neither a biotech nor a pharmaceutical company.

The "0x" prefix is used to represent hexadecimal numbers and should be familiar to anyone with a background in programming or computer science. Please note that the first character in the name is the digit "0," not the letter "O"—they are easy to confuse. The subsequent "DNA" stands as a metaphor for "genes," representing the essence of information technology or technology itself.

We are not attempting to cultivate an air of mystery or sophistication. In reality, I'm just an ordinary person specialized in IT, with no exceptional talents in other areas. I can't play the piano, excel in basketball, or even quickly pick up a local language when in a foreign country. While I admire those who are multi-talented, I've accepted my own ordinariness. In my circle of friends, I'm never the one who shines the brightest.

Though ordinary, I've always been a person who takes things seriously—whether it's work or life. Even when I've made mistakes or poor choices, they were what I believed to be right at that time. I don't intentionally mess up; that's against my principles in life. I might be stubborn beyond my capabilities, but even ordinary people have things they insist upon.

Humanity's technological advancements and productivity are continually rising, yet oddly, our sense of happiness seems to be diminishing. I find this puzzling. Products that once took a full day of hard work to produce can now be manufactured in 10 minutes thanks to modern technology. Ideally, everyone should be living more relaxed and happier lives, but that is not the case.

While I don't have a clear answer as to why this is happening, I hope to change this irrationality through my own efforts. As previously mentioned, I may be insignificant and ordinary, but I have my dreams and ambitions. I am committed to starting with myself, taking small steps to influence the world, hoping that one day, everyone can lead increasingly happy lives.

Therefore, the meaning behind the "0xDNA" brand is this: leveraging the power of technology to make people's lives more comfortable and joyful.